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CrossTree: Strategy & Technical Advisors

Logistics, Infrastructure, Cold Chain, Business Processes, Ventures

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A collaborative advisory in-house think tank was initiated by Capt.Kohli when he crossed paths with other professionals at a start-up enterprise in 2007. Here they shared thoughts, challenged the base concepts, adapted and innovated fresh initiatives - bringing about improved sense to ambiguous situations. Years of consolidated experience was further refined under providential tutelage in fast moving environs. New product development was undertaken, redefining age old street retailing and cold chain concepts.
A band was naturally formed, one that excelled at developing and carrying a vision to its conclusive cascade. Crosstree was formally founded in Dec 2008 with the design & launch of this website. Please also visit the Newsworthy Page.
CrossTree has since evolved into a collaboration of senior independant professionals, a think tank on tap for advising & mentoring on strategic inputs. For implementation based tasks, CrossTree team arranges & coordinates ties ups. CrossTree has frequently functioned gratis.
Like-minded professionals are invited to be a part.
The only policy, the sole belief - hands on experience and thought leadership is a must. The core team must be multi-functional, process initiators and those who have been ready to lead from the front. Long standing grass root experience can only fully appreciate & help drive a successful business. 
Only with greater understanding comes true expertise! 

Our first few Advisory roles were with IL&FS (CDI): Asian Development Bank, IFFPIL, IRCTC Railways, Laxman Group, Quality Council of India, ILAM, including technical advisory to various NGOs. We thank in particular these, our first set of patrons for sharing our belief in us.

CrossTree think tank

Advisory Options 

Business evaluation, Risk Assessment & Management, Supply Chain development, Cold Supply Chain Management, Value Creation & Preservation, specialised Transport, Food Distribution, Quality compliance, Infrastructure Planning, Cold Storages, warehouse design, Agri-business advisory, Maritime affairs, Shipping & Logistics, Product development & technology applications for cold chain and thermal energy storage, People Development, Business Strategy.

CrossTree is today the think tank of choice for companies seeking to enter into the suppy chain trade, for other global consulting firms for India refrences, for those contemplating scaling up their existing business.

People sez-
"I have not yet come across such level of detailing and interest in India!" - CFIL
"The CrossTree man always surprises with his enterprise and blue sky thinking." - IFFPL
"I find bouncing my ideas off them most educating. I am lucky to interact with them." - AG
"Not the usual run-of-mill consultants. the customer is NOT RIGHT is how they start. These guys come with out-of-box, practical ideas." - RB
"The unique ability of quick grasp, excellent communication - able to elaborate to people at all levels" -SGokhale
"Tore us apart, shattered our dream! I'm glad, as saved me from a load of mistakes" - mky
"I find myself repeatedly relying on them for all cold chain & distribution ideas." - AF
"...immense capacity to ideate and also do lateral thinking and forecasting." - SK
"...the best and most pratical training provided to reefer operators so far!" - NHB
"Thank you for the work done, which you put down in the cargo securing manual! I sail as chief officer on the Dutch flagged ship ANET.... the mentioned document really helped me and my crew to prepare the lashing needed."
-H. Rademaker



About Us (Mentors / Members)
Pawanexh KohliOver 30 years multi-functional professional experience. Innovation leader, Change Management through deep dive initiatives: people & process realignments, organisational restructuring and solutions. CEO of the National Centre for Cold-chain Development and Chairman of the National Committee on Supply Chain & Logistics. Lauded by peers as "Cold Chain Personality of Year" in 2010 (for Individual achievements) & 2012 for "Exemplary Thought Leadership". Developing Strategy, coordination & implementation of ventures. Founder & Principal Advisor Crosstree.

Sugato Chandra- Warehousing, Distribution, IT & e-Commerce
Sugato ChandraOver 30 years of industry experience & two decades in logistics operations, supply chain management. His hands on experience in multiple facets of supply chain management extends from demand side as well as from service / supply side. His consulting expertise includes software and solution provider with specialised focus on Warehousing, Distribution, IT and E commerce. He also serves as faculty to Logistics and SCM subjects. Sugato is well known as the founder Executive Director of one of the most modern facilities in north India. He was a member of the National Logistics Council, CII and is speaker at various national & international logistics conferences.

Arvind Ahuja - Maritime Logistics, Healthcare, Financial Services
Sugato ChandraOver 25 years of experience, commercialising ideas, designing projects. Architect of three start-ups from concept to revenue. Planning of new business, viability, strategy and performance improvement. Engineer & MBA from IIM Bangalore, has run complex projects managing cross-functional teams, including turn-key execution of projects. Undertakes planning al inclusive of regulatory requirements, people and operations. Strategic advisory on mergers and acquisitions,

Ashok Khosla- Agribusiness Advisor, Visitng Professor
Ashok KhoslaOver 50 years of industry experience that includes 32 years hands-on management of food companies in India and USA. Since, 18 years as consultant and advisor to Parastatal & Private Sector globally. He assists agribusiness identification, development, managerial design and business process operations critical to developing & securing Business Plans in a manner that is strategic, equitable & sustainable. He is also a Professor - Agribusiness Project Development, Value Chain Analysis, Supply Chain Design, Global Trade and Policy. A skilled speaker at several Trade & Industry platforms in India & Overseas, Author & Peer Reviewer for International Food & Agribusiness Management Association, USA.
CrossTree: A paradigm shift in application for real results.

Bhuvanesh Khanna- Sales & Marketing Advisor
Expert in Sales Planning, Brand, Trade & Strategic Marketing. A Marketing and Sales Guru with over 25 years of Cross Industry, Cross Functional & Cross-Geography professional experience in some of India's largest MNC and retail organistations. He guides matters on Retail, Sales & Distribution Management.
Vijayan P.- Financial Expert, Business Planning.
Over 30 years work experience with cross industry expertise in business processes and financial structuring. Designed and implemented systems with focus on integration, change management. Much reputed industry professional renown for his mentoring spirit. Manages mergers, demergers, divestments and acquisitions in Indian and international arena.

Sunil Bansal- Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary
Over 20 years experience in Agri Infra, Food & Beverages as well as high Fashion  Industry. Financial and Strategic Planner - models, mobilises & monitors financial aspects with a core "must understand" belief. Finance Head of one of the most innovative start-ups. Start-up and process enhancement expertise.


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