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CrossTree: Strategy & Technical Advisors

Logistics, Infrastructure, Cold Chain, Business Processes, Ventures

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With Knowledge & Expertise

 Crosstree evolved into a knowledge dissemination platform. As a voluntary platform, we may not be able to respond immediately, but where possible will attempt to entertain all genuine queries related to-

  • Agri-business advisory.
  • Food Retail advisory.
  • Facility Design, Layout and Planning.
  • Risk Assessment & Business Modelling.
  • Perishable Cargo Handling and guidance.
  • ISPS Code - Port & Ship Facility.
  • Cold Chain Sustainable Development.
  • Environmental Protection Systems.
  • Alternate Energy and Insulation options.
  • Training Needs & Contingency Planning.




a design innovation that extends your horizon allowing you more time to pre-empt.





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