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Visitors from domains like supply chain, infrastructure, funding, education and business strategy are interested in what happens at CrossTree. Some wrote with interest to share & participate through public posting of ideas and dissertations. Some commentary is our own. Read as you will, contribute where you can, share when you wish.
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Item Description

HR row in government

Sometimes its unreal, unthanking, leaves one wondering why?!

Automatic Ventilation

 Video: Star-Cool's ventilation AV+ technology - 'oughta have on all our long haul.

African Affair

 Can India help Africa in its growth path - focus cold chain.

An Introduction to

 Ramesh Kumar: in his Book "An Affair with Indian Highways"

Middleman (?)

The Middleman does an important job - or not, that is the question

SCM a Life line

Training Session by Deeso Manjila

NCCD Suggestions

From an conclave seeking suggestions on future roadmap

SCM Change, how?

Suggestions from a Supply Chain Professional 

Why not Supply Chain! 

An anguished appeal for Supply Chain to grab its rightful place... 

Oxygen for all? 

A newsletter discussion.

A Sailor's Thanks

 One of those rare thank you messages, that keep us going.


 Leadership Exodus (?) Supply Chain and Logistics Industry.

 Leadership & more

Questions answered on leadership, trust, decision making, relations and more

Pawanexh Kohli: Cool Logistics Conference Antwerp
India: Huge foreign investment opportunities in cold chain
India is a fast developing country with with the population's disposable income increasing rapidly. Demand for consumer goods and of course fresh produce is on the rise, but with this there comes the inevitable problems - how to get these products to the people who want them. Estimates place India’s retail.... At the recent Cool Logistics Conference in Antwerp, Belgium, Pawanexh Kohli, Principle Advisor at CrossTree techno-visors, outlined the problems in India's cold chain and opportunities for investment in the coming years as the country builds up infrastructure and prepares for the entrance of big retailers. Mr Kohli outlines that the supply chain is currently not coping with the increasing supply volumes and there will be continual demand for improvement for the next decade. There has been a lot of investment
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