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G20 and India's Agriculture

Fire and ICE(cold chain and evolution)

Future of Cold Chain (cold chain development in India)

Mistakes made in Cold Chain (India-centric)

Cold chain is about Speedy delivery

Agriculture Growth in India - an Evaluation

Emerging Markets (Cold chain Market Challenge/Opportunity)

Cold chain Insights (models and options)

Visions and Value Chains (strategic play)

Need for a Facilitation Cell (Agri-Marketing Initiative)
Supply Chain missing in Cold Chain (the missing link)

Cold Chain Training Needs (cold chain in India)

Bilateral Cooperation in Cold-chain (India-USA talks)

Bottlenecks to Cold-chain Development (booklet)

Creating modular Infrastructure

Innovation that Matters (Gartner/IBM interview)

Controlled Atmosphere Storage

Thermal control on Hawking Carts
Logistics & Disaster Management (proposed to NDMA)

Cold Chain for F&V (why cool chain for Fruits & Vegs

Seafood Industry in India (Status of marine foods)

Pharma packaging Trials (solutions required)

Pit-Stop Pharma Express (land bridge options)

Part Load and mixed Operations (sample only)

Passive Thermal Storage - What is it? 

Pharma Cold Chain Queries

Organised Retail & Supply Chain

NCCD Suggestions (tabled at think tank conclave)


Investment projections in cold-chain

Potato Value Preservation & Storage

Sample Data for Fresh Perishables

PackHouse Design Concepts

Cold Chain Value Creation (Summary CII Summit)

Warehouse Design Optimisation

Photo ID - Fruits Sold in India (5MB)

Photo ID - Vegetables Sold in India (7MB)

Vegetables (A to L) in India (Picture ID - 8 MB)

Vegetables (M to Z) in India (Picture ID - 6 MB)

Reefer Ships (More on Ships)

Air Pollution Prevention (reefer facility)

MoFPI Mega Food Park Scheme (ppt)

MoFPI Grant for cold-chain (doc)

MoFPI Grant for cold-chain (ppt)

Cold-chain Scenario(2013)

Cold Chain Market in India (Challenge/Opportunity)

Cold-chain Solutions Development options

Food Security Breach

Cold-chain Infra Assessment (2015)


Articles of INTEREST

FDI Policy - India

Food Safety Audit Requirement (BT Gorti)

Discussion - transporting Perishables

Food Safety Standards Act (India)

10000kms on Indian Highways (by Ramesh Kumar)

Importance of a Robust Quality System

10 Tips for down-times

Warren Buffet Talks
World's Largest Fresh Fruit Producer 

Institute of Logistics & Aviation


Media Mention & News
For more, visit the News Page 

Food & Cold Chain Awards
Trusted: Innovation that matters (interview IBM-Gartner)

Top 10 Green Trends in Shipping
DNV Research & Innovation (Technology outlook 2020)
IBM Round table on Supply Chain Excellance
Fresh Look at Cold chain (LOG.India interview and CIIL Newwsletter)
Cold Chain Expert discussion (Logistics Times' transcript)




This page offers comments, presentations & articles on common mistakes in the cold chain domain in India, optimisation of cold chain / supply chain, value creation through integrated cold chain, energy saving options.


Send us articles if you would like to share your domain expertise - we would be happy to host it on this Page.

Budget 2015-16
Service Tax Exemption


2. FDI for Cold chain developing food distribution. 


Cold-chain stays Hot!

  • New asset creation in this field retains 150% deduction on capital investment made.
  • Complete value chain system from back-end to distribution and storage exempt from service tax - a 14% bottom line benefit.
  • NABARD allocated INR 5000 cr or USD 1 billion for financing infrastructure for storing agricultural produce. Now available to private enterprises at PLR rates.


 7.5 million cubic metres of new cold chain capacity to be targeted. Thousands of packhouses needed, multiple numbers in transport.


Previous Budget 2014-15

$70bn food retail to double by 2025



a simple design that enhances the prime motive.


Knowledge, Service, Expertise



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Photobioreactors, What are these? Who is a cold chain expert? What proactive steps do you recommend, what HACCP controls are needed, why is experience missing in cold chain in India, what are scientific & technical challenges to India's cold chain? What are business challenges to India's cold chain? Do you have a solution?








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