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Pawanexh Kohli listed among 6 eminent people who moved from private to public serviceThe National Centre for Cold-chain Development (NCCD) is a government body established with the agenda to promote the development of the cold-chain sector in the country. NCCD was sanctioned on 9th February 2012 by the Union Cabinet of India.


NCCD serves as a think tank to the government and functions through participative dialogue with a wide stakeholder member base and recommends guidelines, standards & protocols for design and implementation of infrastructure, HRD, technology and best practises.


NCCD has helped formulate national direction for the next five years plan (XII Plan) period and is a driving force in this area.


CrossTree ardently supports this government initiative and its Principal Advisor also functions as the CEO of NCCD and Chief Advisor. This page serves as support and to share information with the public about NCCD.



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Membership to NCCD


NCCD is intended to function as a community interface, involving cold chain stakeholders both government & private. In doing so, NCCD emulates a public-private model with the agenda of inclusive and participative development. Download the member criterion for NCCD.


Membership into NCCD is at discretion of its selection committee as guided by its Governing Council.

Organisational Information


NCCD is governed by its Governing Council which is chaired by the Secretary (DAC) Ministry of Agriculture. The other members of the council are ex-officio government officers, elected members from member categories of NCCD and experts from cold-chain or allied industry.


The various member categories & stakeholders are also represented on the technical committees of NCCD.

Notice: NCCD established an MoU with Cemafroid of France. The signing took place at UIC, the venue of the 2nd International Conference on Cold chain, wherein India was the Guest of Honor - pictures from the event.

National Horticulture Conference, NCCD addresses inaugural session, see presentations & summary