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Noteworthy & Media
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Feb 2017 UK India to explore clean cold tech

Dec 2016 India pilot study shows the way

Dec 2016 Cold-chain catalyses growth - TOI

Sep 2016 Stop Food Loss to Stop Climate change

Aug 2016 Veggies Price hike with bumper harvest

Jun 2016 Actions to Double Farming Income

May 2016 Cold chain national policy needed

May 2016 How cold chain helps minimise food loss

Mar 2016 Cold is on from farm to plate - Nikkei

Jan 2016 India's cold chain can Stand Tall

Jan 2016 Cold chain will set off 2nd Green Revolution

Nov 2015 Oxygen for fruits & veggies - BBC radio

Oct 2015 Demand for cold makes it hot, UK Guardian

Oct 2015 Can Global Food System keep pace

Sep 2015 India needs 70k pack houses at farm-gate

Aug 2015 Asian-Voice Leading Lights (downoad PDF version pdf)

Aug 2015 Sea Captain & Expert - Keeping Food Fresh

Aug 2015 Modern Society may Crumble without cold

Jul-2015 UK to work in India for cold-chain

Jul-2015 Forbes: Cold-chains helps productivity

Jun 2015 Oxygen & Oxidation BBC world service

Feb-2015 Cold-chain to tackle food inflation

Jan 2015 Budget allocations higher for cold chain

Dec 2014 IndiAgri: cold chain infuses life

Nov 2014 Supply chain Gaps High

Nov 2014 Gujarat to focus on fruit cold chain

Oct 2014 Agribusiness Leadership Award

Oct 2014 New funding option being developed

Sep 2014 Lifeline for perishable goods truck

Sep 2014 Remove bottlenecks in transport

Sep 2014 Launch of Toll-free centre

Apr 2014 Fight against Waste - Logistics Times

Feb 2014 Cold-chain empowers the producer

Jan 2014 Looking Back-Ahead 2014

Nov 2013 Rural Development & cold chain 

Nov 2013 Rural Marketing-Supply Chain

Oct 2013 RVRC for Reefer Vehicles- see online version

Sep 2013 National Horti conference

Jul 2013 Cold chain Vanguard- see online version

Jul 2013 Fleeting eminence? Public-Pvt shift

Jun 2013 Bilateral Cooperation USA & India

Jun 2013 Business Standard on Reefer Trucks

Jun 2013 Asian Food Regulations Info Service  downoad PDF version

Jun 2013 Cargo Talk on Cold-chain

May 2013 Bilateral Talks India-US- see online version

Apr 2013 NCCD & Cemafroid collaborate- see online version

Apr 2013 Acrex 2013 Report  downoad PDF version

Apr 2013 Hot on the cold trail

Feb 2013 Bottlenecks to Indian Cold-chain - book version

Feb 2013 Agri-business & Food Industry- see online version

Feb 2013 Floriculture Today

Jan 2013 Looking Back & Ahead - see online version

Jan 2013 India Debates- see online version

Dec 2012 PHD Conference Cold-chain Management

Dec 2012 ICE Awards - Thought Leadership

Nov 2012 Will Cold-chain come out of Cold?- online version

Oct 2012 India FDI Opportunity see online webpage

Oct 2012 India perishables supply chain

Aug 2012 Green Logistics in Pharma (Infomedia18)

Aug 2012 New Govt Initiative NCCD - see online version

July 2012 Logistics Track (industry update)
July 2012 China & India shape Logistics trends

Jun 2012 Pharmaceutical Logistics (interview-June Edn)
May 2012 Essential Chain - see online verson

Mar 2012 On Food Supply Chain (transreporter mag)
Apr 2012 Budget 2012 - Logistics Times  downoad PDF version

Jan 2012 Pre-Budget review - see online version

Dec 2011 Free Trade Zones Editorial & Cover Story

Oct 2011 CII Logistics Infrastructure

Oct 2011 UP as new Growth - Cover Feature

Aug 2011 IBM - Gartner Interview
July 2011 Vaccine Deaths - LOG.India  downoad PDF version
July 2011 IIMM Newsletter - see full newsletter

Jun 2011 Cold chains - CII Institute of Logistics
Jun 2011 Fresh Look - LOG.India  downoad PDF version
May 2011 Interview ICE Magazine
Feb 2011 Fettered cold chain- see online version
Jan 2011 Pre-Budget Outlook 2011 Comments
Jan 2011 Food Awards - LOG.India  downoad PDF version



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Award: Cold-chain Personality of the YearFamous (or infamous) Quotes epitomising our beliefs:


  • "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."
  • "If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it."
  • "Throw your heart over the fence and the rest will follow!"
  • "A goal is a dream with a deadline."
  • "A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure."
  • "You can if you think you can... Do or not, don't just try!"
  • "We can't stop the waves, but we can learn to surf."
  • "Never say the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon."
  • "If you're going through hell… just move faster!"
  • "Problems are only opportunities with thorns on them."
  • "If you are to be mere dead weight, get of my ship!"
  • "Some people dance in the rain... others just get wet..."
  • "It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer."
  • We are not always necessarily perfect... which is why we strive.
  • Do not sail oceans 'less you have courage to lose sight of the shore.



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Explaining the Crosstree symbolism

Crosstree is the alternate name for a yard-arm (the horizontal cross piece) atop tall masts. Such crosstrees on sailing ships enabled mast tops to be extended without disturbing its basal structural parameters & to spread the sail tops. A simple concept, the crosstree has allowed ships to fly taller sails, mount higher lookouts, move faster & cross insurmountable distances. Each page of this website explains the benefits.Mast with green Sail, Water, Earth, Sun


The ‘tree’ in our logo is derived from a sailing ship’s mast and the ‘greenery’ are its billowing sails. The splash of sunny yellow, on blue waves and the earthy brown with various shades of living green are indicative of our heartfelt commitment towards the environment & its sustenance.


Team CrossTree fetches frequent reference for their professional undertakings from the media, leadership forums, peers and globally from academicians & researchers.

2012 - Amazing IndianSocial Enterprise

Kaushalya Foundation is driven by Kaushalendra, an IIM-A topper who who diverted from the typically trodden path and chose to devote himself towards a socially motivated enterprise that focuses on bringing inclusive value to both farmers and street vendors in the food supply chain. The socio-economic benefits are obtained without added cost impact (product or equipment sale) to the farmers, while building a collaborative network within the existing work force. See presentation given when awarded recognition as the Sankalp Social Enterprise. Colloquially known as the MBA Sabziwalla the leader of this foundation is a Cochran and an Ashoka Fellow, awarded the Amazing Indian (Grassroot soldier) award, a MTV Youth icon nominee, among many other accolades. The enterprise is also identified as the sole market aggregator of reckoning in Bihar by the central govt in 2012.


Team CrossTree is extremely proud of KF & of our founder Capt. Pawanexh Kohli's long association (since 2008) - the Kaushalya Foundation's young team and their achievements keeps us motivated.

Resource Conservation

Independant of Water Lines or Grid Power. Advit Foundation is a non-government development organization based in Gurgaon working for Environmental Conservation and Livelihood Enhancement. Advit works with government, the industry and communities and seeks to empower through various viable options for sustainable development. It focuses on skill enhancement, capacity building and natural resource conservation through participatory approaches specifcally in rural and urban water conservation measures, waste management and energy efficiency.


Advit Foundation water conservation project was awarded best “Beyond The Fence” by CII and it has won other prestigous awards & responsibilites. The most recent is the management and operation of Haryana Govt's RGREP (the renewable energy park) in Gurgaon. We are proud that they find worth in the advise and support by our founder Pawanexh Kohli (since 2009).

Top Green Trends in technologyCold Ironing by Pawanexh Kohli

Articles and references to CrossTree promulgated concept drawing and study on Cold-Ironing: the simple schematic and detailed study has found accredited mention in print as well as referred to in later dissertations as reference document of authority.

By World Food Programme,

by DNV in Technology Outlook 2020 (jump to page 35),

by Authors and Lecturers, on Web Encyclopedias.

in reference by companies like Wartsila (ppt page 66 to 69)

Key factors/barriers to adoption of cold ironing in Europe

We are proud to be part of the fraternity that highlighted the environmental impact by shipping & at ports, and deeply pleased that we have been able to add focus to the the concept of Cold-Ironing and alternate maritime power.


Please review presentation on Cold Ironing (2008-9). This study was undertaken in public & personal interest by Capt. Kohli.



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