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CrossTree: Strategy & Technical Advisors

Logistics, Infrastructure, Cold Chain, Business Processes, Ventures

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A Team of Experienced Technocrats - keeping each enterprise unique

 Meaning behind the CrossTree symbolism

We believe that the only way to satisfy the project is to learn more about its end-users and the end applications.


We believe that the "customer is NOT always right". If you seek advisors that always agree with you, then you do not want us...


We research afresh, tap on inherent experience and advise you the best options to persist with, opportunities that may be forthcoming. We are your CrossTree!


With Knowledge and Expertise!


What the CrossTree team brings to the table

Experienced, hands-on professionals from business of supply chain, logistics infrastructure, perishables care, energy conservation & business strategy. The cross-functional skill sets span across life cycle modelling for perishable goods, infrastructure & integrated agribusiness systems.


What this Website informs you about

Generic information on perishable supply chain and agribusiness logistics. Visit the Information page to partake some of the knowledge base we share. You can also review some noteworthy media mentions. See the Community page for contributions from visitors. 


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A Think Tank with Hands-on Experience

CrossTree: a strength-member providing height advantage over others.

Our core expertise is across risk management of business involving logistics and further specialises in the cold supply chain.


The realisation of the need for an integrated Cold Chain has now reached a tipping point in India. However, there is still a paucity of the knowledge & experience necessary to construct and manage the Cold Chain. This vital expertise assures that any new Cold Chain infrastructure will be technically & financially viable. The typical trend is to consider a refrigeration engineer the cold-chain expert, little realising that refrigeration is only one of the components that contribute to efficient cold-chain management. 


The cold chain is inherently complex and regardless of which point a perishable product is in transit, it is always susceptible to temperature abuse. This includes goods being poorly pre-cooled or excessively cooled, mishandled, packaging, air quality, etc.


Since the cold chain industry is in a nascent stage in India, the Indian companies often lack trained, qualified personnel and mostly the experience to conduct properly designed cold chain programs. There are few experts in the cold chain industry who can both understand the physical and practical aspects of the cold chain as well as harness the data to efficiently and effectively improve the cold chain. Yet fewer are available who have actually operated the cold chain cycle hands-on for years.


CrossTree advisors apply their rich experience and problem-solving skills to cause-and-effect analysis, helping enterprises to:


  • Determine why problems exist.
  • Understand trends, trouble shoot.
  • Detail the root sources and causes of process variation.
  • Understand if a process is capable of meeting specifications.
  • Develop a process control plan.
  • Identify optimal data collection methods.
  • Plan a continuous improvement project.
  • Conduct problem and gap analyses.
  • Determine if a process is stable.
  • Identify new processes and/or streamline others.
  • Help to select the best solution.
  • Formulate and innovate potential solutions.
  • Devise and develop optimal thermally managed infrastructure.
  • Standardize and evaluate results and findings.


This team's expertise is not solely limited to the conventional cold chain (albeit the perishable produce segment is the most critical). Having expertise in the integrated cold chain arena, they have analysed applications to thermal management in large warehousing, dwelling and work units and to hybridising energy sources reducing environmental load - to devise low carbon footprint utilities that consume reduced levels of scarce power. We have helped clients better manage their risks, both commercial and physical in the extensive supply chain and logistics field.


CrossTree have evolved into a mentoring and knowledge dissemination platform.



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